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Meeting your inbound and outbound contact center needs 24/7.

About Our Company

With Boost Call Center, you’ll quickly save money while experiencing the finest results. Instead of adding staff, purchasing new technology, or increasing your contact centers, we’ll give your program the attention it deserves and the agents it needs to grow.

We offer professional answering services that other companies simply don’t have the resources or personnel to offer. Every inbound call is answered quickly and each sale is handled with respect and backed by in-depth knowledge of each unique product. Our outbound calls are used to convert partial customers and close every sale, both nationally and internationally.

With our bilingual (English and Spanish) staff, Boost Call Center is one of the most respected contact centers available. With over 100 years combined experience and a staff of hard-working professionals, let Boost Call Center be the edge your company needs to succeed!

Thanks again for all of the excellent services you guys offer. We were getting pretty overwhelmed and you guys stepped in and gave us the support we need. Boost was an enormous help for our company.

Boost Call Center Services

We offer exceptional customer service, courteous receptionists, and experienced Direct Marketing specialists.

24/7 Availability

We offer over-flow and after hours support, so you never miss an important call again!

Direct Response

Our outbound calls team uses product knowledge and sales experience to close every deal!

Fast Response Time

We will never make your customers wait to talk to our agents. Our pick-up time is among the best in the business!

Superb Customer Relationship

Give your customers the best service out there. Our team of Bilingual Agents are always professional.

Meeting your inbound and outbound contact center needs 24/7.

Why Choose Boost Call Center?

Industry Leading Pick-Up Times

Inbound and Outbound Calls

Specialized Call Screening

Professional and Courteous

In-House IT Department

Dynamic Online Account Access

Interface with your Company Website

24/7 Availability

Campaign Reporting

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1 216 220 0699

The experts at Boost Call Center are always interested to hear your feedback – whether it be in relation to products, service, support or anything else! If you have something to say, then get in touch today. Should your feedback require a response, please allow 7 working days for this.

Meeting your inbound and outbound contact center needs 24/7.